Sectors of intervention

One of the aims of the IABW is to create a synergy between the needs of Africa and the Italian know-how within these sectors:



The infrastructural deficit represents one of the biggest problems in most Africa countries. The Italian know how in this domain can be fundamental to optimize the use of recourses and allow African states reach full economic potential.

The infrastructural development, beside the attraction of foreign investments, might positively influence the trade levels inside Africa.

Renewable energy

In most part of the continent still there are no networks which can guarantee full electrical coverage over the territory, with all difficulties that this absence implies.

The renewables energies might represent the best solution to the lack of electricity; in fact new technologies, like solar and wind, might in such cases compensate this gap in a totally eco-compatible way, economically and politically profitable (many states in the world suffer the dependence from oil).

Agriculture and Agribusiness

The agro-food sector, which goes from agriculture to agro-industry, is one of the potential engines for growth of the Countries of Subsaharan Africa. The agriculture uses 60% of population and represents 24% of GDP in the region.

Moreover it contributes, more than any other sector, to the global growth of income in rural areas; it stimulates the growth in other business sectors (growing demands of goods and services produced outside the sector), reduces global levels of poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

Agriculture and Agribusiness are two of the sectors most promising for the development of the African continent.

New technologies

The innovation has become essential for the transformation of global economies. New technologies – from internet to mobile phones – are fundamental resources in order to allow a country to be competitive at international level.

Just like it happens for Renewable Energies, for New Technologies as well it is crucial to reduce the digital divide.


Health is a primary good for any Country, but it is also a powerful tool of economic wellbeing as, in order to function, a sanitary system needs health personnel and an industry which produces medical technologies useful for prevention and diagnosis, cure and rehabilitation. The sector of medical devices can contribute in an important manner to this change of speed in African Countries, creating the basis for a development not only economical, but also social.

For this reason, it is fundamental to create the conditions in order to motivate the partnership between Italy and African countries, with the aim to introduce innovative devices and lifesaver, to favor the education of medical-health personnel, to stimulate the birth of health infrastructures and surgeries. A coordinated action of this kind would create value and jobs at all levels and for all Countries involved.

Textile and fashion

Africa is assuming an increasingly central role in the textile and fashion sector worldwide. Out of the 54 nations 37 are producers of cotton, with the result that the textile industry can be boosted to change the economy of some African countries. Developing the textile industry can bring a significant leap in exports, create job opportunities and gain knowledge and experience in sectors other than textiles, to facilitate capacity building through training, sharing and transfer of know-how and the use of new technologies. In this context, “Made in Italy” can play a strategic role for a correct evolution of the African textile / fashion sector and create and / or grasp new opportunities for growth.


Our conferences will have international speakers who will offer and share points of view that are new, specific and innovative about the following subjects:

  • Stability, Opportunity, and New Markets
  • Africa in the industry 4.0 era
  • Partnerships, investment and technology to enhance agriculture in Africa
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP): an instrument for infrastructure development in Africa
  • Made in Italy, textile and african fashion: which way forward?
  • Diplomacy and Green Energy, Italia Africa together for a sustainable development

An opportunity to explore more deeply a specific theme with a smaller audience.

Themes of the round tables:

  • Diasporas as a bridge between Italy and Africa
  • Small and medium enterprises for the development of the continent
  • What infrastructures for the development of Africa
  • What energy for the sustainable development of Africa?

An innovative format: B2B and Deal Rooms
Work sessions very interactive, the B2B and Deal Rooms will bring together entrepreneurs, investors and lenders of the same activity sector. They will also be able to present their development projects and identify new partners.

In the B2B meeting it will be possible:

  • to meet a qualified representation of African and Italian entrepreneurs;
  • to acquire a list of potential Partners divided by sector;

The agenda of the B2B meetings will be organized by a system of MATCHING. By doing this we will take into consideration the preferences expressed by the participants who have previously received the list of businesses which will participate with their characteristics.

During IABW we will organize a number of educational workshops about specific topics with high level speakers.

Topics that we will talk about during the workshops

  • The role of marketing and communication in promoting investments: how to influence the decision-making process of investment
  • Innovative financing to boost private sector investment
  • How to create industrial clusters in Africa
  • Facilities, in Italy and in Africa, to innovative Startups
Gran finale a conclusione della prima edizione dell’Italia Africa Business Week con una Cena di Gala spettacolare: musica, cibo, sfilata per valorizzare la dinamica culturale italo-africana.