Press conference in Milan, Italy: we’ve launched the 2nd edition

We held this morning in Milan, Italy, the press conference for the second edition of the business and commercial forum Italia Africa Business Week, the event that brings together in Italy the entrepreneurs of the Bel Paese and those of the African continent with ambassadors, diplomats, economic operators, Italian institutions with their African counterparts and international institutions.

The conference was chaired by:

  • MEHRET TEWOLDE – Chief executive IABW
  • CLEOPHAS ADRIEN DIOMA – Executive president IABW
  • ROBERTO RANDAZZO – Honorary Consul of Uganda in Milan
  • LAMINE CISSE – Manager of Economic Affairs of the Embassy of Senegal
  • EMANUELE ANCHISI – Italian investor in Mali
Daniele Asnaghi, project manager of Brianza Plastica for social housing, speaks with Cleophas Adrien Dioma, executive president of IABW

Stability, Opportunities, New Markets” is the theme of the second edition of IABW Italia Africa Business Week.

The topics which we will deal with during this second edition are:

  • Stability, Political and economic and commercial Cooperation,
  • Business opportunities;
  • Development of public-private partnerships;
  • Transfer of know-how;
  • Reinforcement of the skills through education, sharing of Best Practice within the commercial and entrepreneurial sectors;
  • communication strategies, tools and financial strategies for internationalisation, etc

Italia Africa Business Week is a multi-sector forum which involves domains of activity with a strong potential for growth and return among which:

  • agriculture,
  • agro-business,
  • textile,
  • fashion,
  • renewable energies,
  • biomedicine,
  • tourism,
  • infrastructures,
  • transports,
  • banks,
  • insurances,
  • mobile-banking,
  • security,
  • telecommunications,
  • TIC,
  • Fintech and many other domains.

This is the first event of its kind in Italy which aims to facilitate the meeting of African entrepreneur and their Italian colleagues to build strong relations and business opportunities.


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