Italy: new prospects

Italy is the seventh largest economy in the world, making up 17% of the Single European Market. It is a country strongly oriented towards foreign trade, being the world’s 10th largest exporter and 12th largest importer. Italy has long been linked to the SMEs with a strong industrial culture, which could help the development of Africa.

Africa: new opportunities

Africa is the continent which has, more than others, the keys to realize a sustainable growth. in fact, its potential is still mostly unrealized and the use of new technologies and of advanced productive processes will allow it to develop following innovative routes, respecting the human dimension and the environmental one. Moreover we are witnessing a real progress about geopolitical stability, security, democracy, governance and the respect of human rights, the results of which must be maintained and expanded.

Diaspora: resource to be valued

Despite the economic crisis and persistent difficulties, the migrant entrepreneurship is growing very strongly. This is a growth that is so strong that stress itself in a relevant way in the classification of the businesses which has a positive balance among the ones which were members of the Chamber of Commerce in the year 2015/2016 ((Rapporto-Immigrazione e Imprenditoria 2015 – IDOS) We are in front of a very thick group of entrepreneurs which, if properly supported, can function as a pin upon which it is possible to engage in promising actions of co-development. The migrant entrepreneurs can therefore be actors of international cooperations but can also help the internationalisation of Italian businesses towards Africa, facilitate the transfer of know how and above all take part in the education and in the creation of small and medium enterprises.

IABW 2022

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