The 18th of May 2016 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of International Cooperation organised in Rome the “First Ministerial Conference Italy-Africa” stressing the need to create a stable link between the two shores of the Mediterranean, between two worlds as close as they are distant. The Italy-Africa Conference was a spark and it is precisely to give continuity to this new process that Italia Africa Business Week (IABW) was born, a practical and high-level economic and commercial forum. In the first two editions, IABW has concretely succeeded in facilitating the knowledge between the African economic, commercial and financial world and the Italian one, it has created synergies and developed partnerships in various sectors: textiles and fashion, commercial, agribusiness, construction. In order to improve these relationships, to favor the creation of networks and to achieve a shared growth of both sides in win-win mode, the third edition of Italia Africa Business Week will focus on building the 4.0 business.


IABW aims to be the main rendez-vous for the most influential managers of the African world of economy, entrepreneurship and of finance with entrepreneurs and operators of the Italian market. It will be the privileged space to discuss the challenges for the economic and commercial development of the African and Italian businesses in an environment of high expertise and innovation.


It will be a platform of meetings for the two worlds.
To involve as many as possible entrepreneurs, banks, capital-investments, financial markets, international financial institutions representatives, ministers and African and Italian experts to IABW is one of the main aims of the project.


The first edition of IABW will deal mainly with the following macro areas :
– Infrastructures
– Renewables energies
– Agriculture and agri-business
– New Technologies

Countdown to Italia Africa Business Week

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Brian Tracy

There is no true progress if technology is not within range of everybody.

Henry Ford

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Hans Georg Gadamer