7th edition of Italy Africa Business Week on 10 and 11 October 2023 in Rome

The title chosen for this special edition of IABW is ‘Navigating the Future of Sustainable Business in a Rapidly Changing World’. Italia Africa Business Week 2023 will be an edition that will reflect on the project, starting from the beneficiaries who are African and Italian businesses, taking stock of the six editions of the event, as an evaluation of what has succeeded and what can be improved. Reflection that will be used to organise the 2024 edition with the aim of putting businesses and organisations supporting the Italian and African private sectors at the centre, reflecting on the practices and strategies to be adopted so that the IABW Forum is always at the forefront and reinforces its vocation of being a meeting point between Italian and African entrepreneurs. We need to rethink the architecture of the forum and the way we organise it.

The meetings, round tables and working groups of this new edition will serve to:

– strengthen the dynamic in economic and trade relations between Italy and Africa created within Italia Africa Business Week;
– encourage the creation of partnerships between African and Italian business associations;
– increase the number of collaborations between companies on the African continent and Italian companies;
– optimise the performance and competitiveness of African and Italian business support organisations by improving the services offered to their members;
– find insights, ideas, technical details, knowledge and contacts to improve economic and trade relations;
– to position Italy as a business destination for African companies and entrepreneurs by offering a correct, fair and clear vision of the Bel Paese
– to help and assist African companies to access the Italian market by offering an optimal understanding of the different economic and commercial realities, the stakes and opportunities offered by Italy
– promote the experience and know-how of Afro-Italians, thus facilitating the connection between businesses in Africa and Italy.

We will call around the table the African and Italian companies that have joined the various editions of the forum, trade associations, and institutions working in support of businesses that have supported the project from the beginning.

Location: Villa Aurelia Congress Centre – Via Leone XIII, 459 in Rome. 

Info: info@iabw.eu 

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